FrkMusic Premium

FrkMusic Premium

FrkMusic offers premium subscription plans to users who use and download music from here on daily basis.
Highlights of these plans are Adfree browsing and downloads

  • Blazing fast browsing experience.
  • With FrkMusic Premium you will be able to enjoy all features of basic with additonal benefits. In premium you can download iTunes Plus M4A untouched files.
  • FLAC lossless files will also be available on demand instantly via email or chat
  • Album artwork downloader is dedicated script (built at // Screenshot) used to download album covers in highest resolution possible (600×600, 2000×2000 & upto 3000×3000). You may search by title, artist or apple product ID, country specific content.
  • * You can request five albums of your choice with each subscription cycle.
  • You can promote your own music on FrkMusic

// NOTE: Premium content will be visible to premium users logged into the site.
► When you subscribe to this plan. Send a message on patreon or email to [email protected] After confirmation, You will be emailed with a link to activate your account, After login, you will be able to browse and download without ads (No banners, No Popups & No url shortners). Zip links for large albums are visible to Subscribers. Exclusive access to hidden content thats visible only to Subscribers.

  • Live Chat with admin in case if user encounters any issue in downloading or finding new music

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Thanks to all the current supporters and subscribers. Your support via subscription and donations helps us keeping FrkMusic up & healthy. List updated on June 11, 2021

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